Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fixing a Metal Stool Pt. 2

In this blog, I will be discussing the next steps my group took in order to fix the chair. After, we cleaned every part of the chair. We knew the next step was to start attaching the legs back to the plate of the chair. But the question was how??

Question: So you didn't go on with your original plan?

Kelly: No. As a matter of fact, we decided it would be better to weld the chair's legs back together instead of riveting then to the plate. But first we had to clean the cut out pieces of steel and then learn the safety precautions when learning how to clean and weld the steel.

Question: What did you do then?

Kelly: Well I started learning how to connect two pieces of steel together. It takes loads of practice. But eventually, you start to get the hang of it little by little.

Question: So how many pieces of metal did you practice on?

Kelly: As shocking as it may seem. I just used the same two pieces of metal every single time

Question: How?! Didn't you eventually run out of space?

Kelly: Of course we did. But also learned to use this special tool called a grinder.

Question Oh wow! What does a grinder do?

Kelly: A grinder is a powerful tool that can cut, sand, polish, and sharpen that is powered by an electric motor. When I first used it, I was a bit scared since the motor was really powerful.

Question: Whoa that's crazy! So did you finish up the chair??

Kelly: Yeah it's really cool. And no not yet. But I will very soon after I have more practice welding and grinding

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