Friday, June 12, 2015

Phone Holder Project (Part 1)

It's time to start on a new project!

What is this object you might ask. Well, let me first start off by telling you what my next project is about.

In my second project, I had to invent and create something that solves a problem. In my Engineering Drawing Class, I was definitely excited to start this project. The planning process was not only enjoyable but also challenging. I really had to plan out how and what I was going to make.
The first thing I thought was, "What's a problem I could solve?". Well to start off, I thought of a problem that I could solve at home. I was thinking of this as I was laying down and watching a show on my iPod. And then it came to me. I wanted to create something that could hold on to my iPod or phone wihtout having to use my arms.

I knew this was something I really wanted to create seeing as how I see others go through this situation and not just me.
And of course, the first step in any project is to brainstorm and write down ideas. I gave myself a set of rules to follow, As well as draw out how I would want it to look in a visual perspective.

When I first attempted to make the phone holder, I thought that maybe coat hangers would be a great idea as a frame. I thought that the flexibility of the coat hangers would make the phone holder adjustable.
But as I learned from my previous project on the gyroscope, you won't always get it right at first. I realized that the coat hangers did not exactly work correctly the way I thought they would. And this was when I realized that I had to use simpler materials for the first draft of my model. I knew that this project was going to need a lot of work done.

After my first attempt with the coat hangers, I decided instead to use cardboard along with tape and staples. My first thought was that I needed the base of the phone holder to go around my head. And to make it more fitting and comfotable. I used a visor to help hold all the framework together. I also added a generous amount of small metal disks called washers to the back. I did this so I can add a counterweight so that when the phone is in place, one side won't be heavier than the other and slide down.

I also wanted to to find a way to make carboard more flexible. I did this by getting a long piece of cardboard and then began cutting a half inch inside on both sides. I did this to two pieces since it needed to be supported by the left and the right side of my head. This made the cardbord more flexible so it can easily shape around my head.

(To Be Continued)

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